BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Road closures begin today as Legacy Arena prepares to host rounds one and two of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.

The BJCC says they anticipate thousands of visitors on their campus this week with March Madness basketball games and a Broadway musical happening on top of that.

With such large crowds, they are recommending visitors arrive early and pack plenty of patience.

Parking is something BJCC’s executive director, Tad Snider, said they have worked to prepare for ahead of time.

He says the dynamics of March Madness parking include some familiar plans they’ve used for past large events.

Snider referenced two concerts that were once done in the same day a number of years ago.

“An early show and a late show,” said Snider. “So, you had a crowd come in, enjoy the concert, exiting as another crowd was arriving. So, it’s a cycle we don’t see all the time, but we’re used to, and we’ve got out and we kind of dusted it off, and we’re going to have that in effect for Thursday and for Saturday “

There will be marked parking garages for those attending games, but alternative transportation like Uber is encouraged to help eliminate parking struggles altogether.

The BJCC says there will be a designated Uber drop off and pick up location at City Walk BHAM.

David Galbaugh with the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitors Bureau also said carpooling could help lower car volume.

“Carpoolng is great too,” said Galbaugh. “I think you bring up a great point, you know, get a lot of people in a car and then that way you kind of have your volume in the car then you don’t necessarily have five cars for five people. Or have somebody drop you off and then pick you up later. That’s one way to do it.” 

With the parking plans in place, Snider said there are a number of marked parking areas where people can park for games.

The BJCC also says shuttles will be provided at each marked parking lot and garage that will drop guests off at Legacy Arena.

Snider says they understand large crowds could cause worries with parking, but that’s why they are helping people to prepare ahead of time.

He says the BJCC website and social media channels are equipped with “know before you go” content for all events.

“It’s going to show you the best parking locations, where you can pre-purchase parking whether you want to purchase the day of in a lot where that’s going to be.” Snider said. “Anything, you know, about bags or what you can bring in- anything you want to know about attending an event, check those out.”

For more information about parking and transportation during March Madness you can click