Parents weigh in on actions of bus driver who locks children on bus

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Parents are standing outside and listening to the cries of their kids. They are locked on the bus by the driver.

The cries for parents who’ve seen this is unsettling enough, but then he drives off, leaving parents worried.

“You don’t know where he’s going or where he’s going to take him,” said Josh Knierim. “It’s kind of hard to believe

The bus driver said the kids were misbehaving. He disciplined them by locking them inside until they calmed down. Things continued to escalate, so he took them back to school.

“If it requires some level of verbal discipline in order to assure the safety, that’s one thing. What you saw on the video was that idea taken to an extreme,” said Dr. Joshua Klapow.

Dr. Klapow is a psychologist and a parent. After watching this video, he thought nothing about what the driver did seemed warranted. But he feels the driver’s actions shouldn’t set the tone across the board.

“We have to be careful to not lump that into a bucket of ‘this is happening all the time, with all bus drivers’ because it’s not,” said Klapow.

Knierim, who has a son in elementary school, saw the video for the first time on Thursday. His initial reaction said it all.

“I can tell you my kid would probably not ride a bus for a long time,” Knierim said.

The driver of the bus has since resigned from his position.

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