Parents react to new Hoover City Schools Superintendent

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HOOVER, Ala. (WIAT) — After months of searching, Hoover City Schools has hired a new superintendent after last night’s special board meeting.

Dee Fowler is a retired deputy superintendent for the Alabama Department of Education and former superintendent for Madison City Schools. 

“It is my recommendation that the Hoover City School Board hire Dee Fowler as our next superintendent,” said HCS Board President Deanna Bamman of the Hoover City Schools.

But the decision to hire Fowler was not unanimous. Board members voted 4-1 Wednesday evening.

“At the end of the day, I can’t support a process that’s going to potentially hire a superintendent, the number one job here in Hoover, without that candidate interviewing or applying for the job,” said board member Kermit Kendrick.

Kendrick’s concerns are echoed among parents inside the Hoover school district.

“I think when the announcement came as a parent it was very shocking and surprising because this is not someone who went through the process there was not an interview that was public that we could hear what his thoughts were in regard to our district and how we can move forward these next few years,” said Hoover AHEAD Ambassador Shilpa Gaggar.

Instead of addressing the community, Dr. Fowler met with no more than two school board members at a time. This was a red flag for the organization Hoover AHEAD, a group that focuses on diversity, racial equality, and inclusion. 

“Working towards a truly inclusive city would mean our leadership is representing who lives in this city and community members trust our leaders and the decisions they are making because they are transparent and because they have a history of making a fair and making equitable decisions and were just seeing gaps around that in our school system,” said Hoover AHEAD Leader Sara McDaniel.

Hoover AHEAD organization says they plan to push for a deputy superintendent that would work alongside Fowler. As well as gaining more information about his contract and salary.

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