Parents of young Vestavia electric shock survivor write encouraging book to help others through pain

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VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. (WIAT) — In 2012, Caroline Wilson suffered second and third-degree burns over most of her body when she was severely burned by a transformer at Liberty Park.

Her mother, Ronda Wilson, recalls the incident vividly.

“There was a fence that surrounded the transformers and at the time, we didn’t know they were transformers. They looked like huge trash cans that you see at public places,” Rhonda explained. “So, that’s what we thought they were, but low and behold they were transformers. And there apparently was a hole that children had been running in and out because it showed the ground where it had been worn. There was a path.”

Rhonda’s father was there at the park that day. They’d all come to watch her son’s soccer match. It was Rhonda’s 10-year-old son who ran to get his grandfather when Caroline got hurt by the transformer.

“My dad crawled through, grabbed Caroline, and there was two other people,” Wilson said. “One standing in the enclosure and then a man who said, ‘Hand her to me’.”

Rhonda’s father was burned while grabbing Caroline, who was still on fire when he pulled her out.

“So, he handed Caroline to this man on the other side of the fence. They immediately put her on the ground and started CPR,” Rhonda explained. “And at first, when I got there, there was no pulse – nothing that they could find.”

Caroline’s frightening incident was not the family’s first encounter with a near-death experience. Caroline’s father, Philip Wilson, suffered a massive stroke that he should not have survived just six years earlier. The family contributes both Caroline and Philip’s survival and recovery to their faith in God.

Now, Philip and Rhonda Wilson want to use their family’s story to encourage others when difficult times arise. They’ve written a book called “Finding Peace in Life’s Storms, Unshakable Faith for Uncertain Times”.

The book will serve as the subject of a bible study the pair will begin teaching in the Birmingham area in August.

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