Parents concerned after needles found where children play

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CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — Parents in Cullman County are worried after two needles were recently found in areas where children often play.

With the rise in heroin addictions, families became concerned with the disturbing discoveries.Wednesday, a neighbor reported finding a needle and plastic bag on a sidewalk between Good Hope Primary School and the baseball fields.

It comes just days after a father told deputies that his son almost fell on a needle while playing basketball at a community court in West Point.

Kayla Kennamer told CBS 42 that she called Cullman County deputies after finding the needle on a stroll with her 6-month-old son. It was just inches from her feet.

“It is a big deal because there is loads of children in this area, there’s a school, there’s a playground, there’s the ball fields,” said Kennamer.

Kennamer posted the photo of the needle to Facebook as a warning for other families.

“It’s scary knowing that my kids go over there all the time and they play and they could have easily found it,” said Amanda Black, who lives close to where Kennamer found the needle.

Saturday, Matt Redmond called deputies after he said his son almost fell on a needle. The two were playing basketball on a community court in West Point near the school.

“The ball went off the court. He went to get it, tripped and fell and then he came back and told me he had found a needle,” said Redmond.

Both Redmond and Black had unexpected conversations with their children to keep them safe.

“I showed them the picture of the needle and that if they see something like that not to touch it,” said Redmond.

Deputies urge neighbors not to touch suspicious items, like needles, and report findings to authorities.

“I shouldn’t have to be looking for needles on a playground,” said Redmond.

Officers disposed of the needles in these cases, but not the concern from neighbors who are angry at whoever would toss that kind of trash at a place used by so many kids.

“Children don’t need to be exposed to that,” said Kennamer.

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