Parent speaks out after his arrest over ‘disturbing video’ of fight at Calera Middle School

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

CALERA, Ala. (WIAT) — A parent arrested by Calera Police following an incident at the city’s middle school locker room is speaking out.

Cedric Specks was arrested by police following their review of a video that circulated on social media of a fight between two football players in the Calera Middle School locker rooms. Calera police called the video “very disturbing” and said an adult male had been arrested on charges of trespassing, disorderly conduct, harassment, reckless endangerment and domestic violence.

In an interview with CBS 42, Cedric Specks said that the fight Tuesday was the end result of years of his son, an eighth-grader, being bullied by another student.

“Since they started playing ball together, that kid has always been bullying my kid,” he said.

At first, Specks said, the bullying was “nothing serious.”

“I told my son, words are words, as long as nothing gets to the point of being physical, just let it go. In the end, y’all are teammates.”

This year, though, Specks said things did get physical.

Specks said that his son texted him Sunday night and said that the other child had told him that when they arrived at school Monday, they would fight in the locker room.

“I told him: do not start anything,” Specks said. “I told him to go about his business, go put your stuff in your locker, go to class.”

Specks said that he e-mailed the head coach of the school’s football team alerting him to the issues and that the coach responded, saying that he would look into the issue. Specks has not yet provided these e-mails to CBS 42.

When Monday came, the boys had a confrontation, Speck told CBS 42, but other players separated the two.

On Tuesday, Specks said that the other child pushed his son, and his son punched the other football player in response.

Yesterday, Specks said the issue came to a head. He said that after morning football practice, his son was hesitating to enter the locker room to retrieve his belongings because of his fear that he would be assaulted.

“I said ‘go get your stuff,'” Specks said. “He goes in there to go get his stuff like I told him to.”

Specks followed his son to the locker room.

“As soon as my son walks in the door, the kid says ‘so you wanna fight?’ And my son said ‘yeah.’ They started fighting.”

Specks said that in what followed, he had some fault.

“And I was in there, and I’m totally wrong for that,” he said. “But at this point, just get it over with. It was probably a terrible parenting decision, but in the long run, in my opinion, that’s what’s best for my son – is that he go on and do what he needs to do. Because he was standing there looking pitiful waiting on another kid to bring out his stuff.”

Specks said that if his son hadn’t participated in the fight, the bullying may have just gotten worse.

In the end, Specks said that the school should have prevented the fight from ever occurring.

“I told the coach that this was going to happen,” he said.

Specks said that his son doesn’t have a history of fighting.

“This was the first fight he’d ever been in.”

Specks said he was called to the school Wednesday to discuss the incident and was arrested when he arrived. He said he was released a few hours later.

Asked whether he believes he is guilty of the charges against him, Specks said “not all of them.”

“Some of the charges should be clearly thrown out,” he said. “But I know I was wrong in some aspects.”

He said, for example, he does not think he is guilty of trespassing.

“When I was asked to leave, I left,” he said. “Then they called me to the school and arrested me for trespassing. That will be taken care of.”

Specks said that he has a message for parents: they shouldn’t be lulled into thinking that their kids are safe.

“If my kid is being bullied and he’s one of the best athletes at the school… imagine what little Johnny is going through,” he said. “My son knows he can talk to me about anything. What if little Johnny don’t feel comfortable going and talking to his parents about being bullied. That’s the one that you guys will be doing the next news story about.”

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