Pampering your pets

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — I want you to meet Coco and Zorro. Both dogs, excuse me, I mean both children have weekly standing appointments at Rub A Dub Dog Bathhouse and Spa in Homewood.

On this day, both Coco and Zorro get top knots and bows.

The groomer calls it “fancy.”

That made Cindy Ostrowski ask who gets the most pampering.

Laughing, her response was clear, Ostrowski said, “Oh, they do. They do. The lady who takes care of my hair is very bitter.”

Ostrowski admits that her two Havanese dogs are beyond pampered. She’s not ashamed to say even her home has gone to the dogs.

 “They watch television with us. They have their own little spots on the couch,” Ostrowski said. “My upstairs den belongs to Coco. I’ve just given up. It’s like this is your house. This is your den. That’s your sofa.” She adds with laughter.

Another regular at Rub a Dub Dog Bathhouse and Spa is Mata. She’s a Schnoodle, part Schnauzer and part poodle. Kerry Wingo says she is more than just a four-legged friend.”I think she’s just treated like one of the family you know. She stays in the house all day and the boys like her sleeping in the bed with them and you know we just love her a lot just love on her.”

Six days a week this spa is busy. Dogs can even get a 15-minute massage here.

Talking with the owner, Catherine Bres, I wanted to know if she was surprised by how many people pamper their dogs.” Not at all. I was one of those crazy dog people my dogs had a full wardrobe with collars and leashes for every holiday. Once I got a little cavalier and she had a wardrobe bigger than mine.”

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $62.75 Billion dollars on their pets in 2016. As more millennials become pet owners, the industry could reach $96 Billion dollars in sales as soon as next year.”

Some grooming is out of necessity, other services are vanity based. “We have one dog who is, she is an Italian greyhound and her mom likes to have her nail painted right before she is in the mutt cracker every year,” said Catherine Bres.

Wingo won’t go that far but she will put Mata in a Halloween costume. She doesn’t resist spending whatever is necessary to keep Mata looking her very best. “I spend more on her hair than I do on my hair.”

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