Pa. man reunites with parents after surviving Paris attacks

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa — (WHTM) A Mechanicsburg man has reunited with his parents after surviving the terrorist attacks in Paris back in November. abc27news was there when Austin Martz and his parents video chatted for the first time, just hours after the attack.

During the interview, Austin said at one point he wasn’t sure if he and his roommate were going to make it. He said his faith carried him through the experience.

Fast forward six weeks, Austin’s parents, Ken and Pam, have the best Christmas present they could ask for.

“I keep visualizing what he went through and I guess as his mom you’re always that protector. You don’t want your child in harms way,” Pam said.

The trip to Paris with his roommate was a gift. Both professional soccer players, it was an opportunity of a lifetime.

“We saw about two thousand people running chaotically, knocking children over, throwing things, screaming, crying, so we thought, ‘alright someone pulled out a gun, this is a free for all we just need to get out of here’,” Austin said.

He remembers a loud noise twenty minutes into the game; the first bomb. They didn’t get out until the game was nearly over.

“We ended up getting in such a massive crowd of people that we got pinned against a wall and my roommate was getting ready to jump. It would’ve probably been twelve to fifteen feet,” Austin said.

No one around them spoke English.

“It’s definitely something that I’m never going to forget,” Austin said.

But if he does, he has a scarf to remember. Germany is written on one side and France is written on the other.

“For me it’s just going to be hanging in my room now. This date I’m never going to forget,” Austin said. “I have a strong faith and that carries me through a lot of things, and believing in Jesus, and believing in God for me is like the biggest thing that gets me through a situation like that.”

Austin and his roommate suffered no injuries in the midst of everything. He said he hopes to go back to Europe some time in the future.

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