HOMEWOOD, Ala. (WIAT) — A 7-year-old Homewood girl selling lemonade to help pay for her much-needed brain surgeries has captured hearts across the globe, just days after CBS 42 shared her story.

Over the past month, Liza Scott’s family learned she has three rare brain malformations, which have been causing her to have Grand Mal seizures. She will need surgery to prevent further seizures, brain bleeding, hemorrhage, or stroke.

Since Thursday, more than $236,000 has been donated to Liza’s Mightycause page. The Scott family has also received over $10,000 in cash donations. They have been offered free flights and free housing for their upcoming trip to Boston as well. Elizabeth Scott, Liza’s mother, says the outpouring of support has been nothing short of incredible.

Liza Scott standing in front of her lemonade stand in Savage’s Bakery, co-owned by her mother and grandfather (Malique Rankin | CBS 42)

“You have no idea how loved we feel,” Elizabeth Scott said. “It’s been overwhelming, but amazing. It’s kind of allowed me to step away from some of the emotions. But at the same time, it’s emotional in a different way, because I never expected any of this…America is really…really great….”

Liza’s lemonade stand lives at Savage’s Bakery, which is co-owned by her mother and grandfather, Van Scott. He said it’s been amazing to see just how good people can be.

“We are so appreciative,” Van Scott said. “It’s going to make a huge difference to my daughter, Elizabeth, and to Liza. Thank you so much.”

On Sunday, several Jeep Wrangler organizations from across Alabama drove to Homewood to show their support for Liza.

“As soon as I saw this, I had to get involved,” Scott Singer said. “It just tears at your heartstrings that kids are having to go through this.”

“Jeepers” from around Alabama drove in Sunday afternoon to show their support for Liza Scott (Malique Rankin | CBS 42)

Singer is a member of the Iron City Wranglers. He was joined by more than three dozen other Jeep drivers including the Walker County Wranglers, Steel City Wranglers, Outlaw Wranglers, and Blount County Offroad. Moved by her story, Singer said the “Jeepers” drove in to bring her a little joy.

“It’s amazing,” Singer said. “It’s the best feeling in the world to see a child that’s going through something like this, that didn’t ask for [the support]. She’s as happy as can be.”

Liza handed out her lemonade and cookies, then climbed on top of a Jeep to express her gratitude.

“Thank you everyone for coming!” she said, smiling.

Liza’s mother said she has her good days and bad days, anxious for her week ahead.

“[I’m] pretty good,” said Liza, “I’m still nervous but I’m getting better!”

Elizabeth Scott said being the recipient of so much good has been overwhelming. The donations and well wishes have made for an emotional few days.

“I’m a single mom,” Elizabeth Scott said. “I live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of Americans do. I have never had that much money to consider paying a bill with.”

Liza will fly to Boston on Thursday for the first of three brain surgeries. Liza’s mother says she plans to continue selling lemonade after her recovery. They want to use the money she makes to help other families that are going through a similar journey. 

To donate to Liza or read more about her journey, click here.