BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — On Wednesday evening, Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin took the time to acknowledge and congratulate more than 150 women at Boutwell Auditorium during the #StrongHER celebration.

Since 2019, every year women from all walks of life in Birmingham are selected to be a part of the #StrongHER campaign.

The idea was launched by Mayor Woodfin with the help from the mayor’s office project manager, Chanda Temple, as a way to shine light on unsung heroes who are helping to positively transform Birmingham.

“I was very surprised that I was thought of and I was very excited to see my profile with all the other women that were being honored.” said Teresa Zunigaodom, a class of 2023 #StrongHER inductee who is recognized for her work as a Fiesta Birmingham Board Member.

Zunigaodom is just one of over 150 women who attended Wednesday’s celebration. She was joined alongside other women like Lonnie Pressley, who is also a class of 2023 #StrongHER inductee recognized for her work as a community volunteer.

“These women are amazing. Listening to their stories and I’m like ‘how I can compare to some of the stories that I’ve heard?’ They’ve made a huge impact in the community, and I am so glad to be a part of that,” said Pressley.

With women from different backgrounds, talents and accomplishments they’re hoping to be a voice for all unsung heroes.

“Women are the backbone of so many families, so many organizations, so many co-operations if you will, and often, they feel overlooked and with this we get the opportunity to show them that we appreciate them.” said Alicia Johnson Williams, the Senior Director of Boutwell Auditorium.

During the ceremony, Mayor Woodfin and Chanda Temple announced that a book telling the stories of all the women a part of the #StrongHER campaign will be released in mid-October.