Northport PD reminding residents to keep cars, homes locked


NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — Police in Northport are encouraging residents to lock your car doors and make sure your doors on your house are secure. This after investigators arrested a man for breaking into cars.

Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter says typically this time of year, near the holiday season, home burglary and car break-in cases increase.

“This time of year our property crimes tend to increase.  So be sure to lock your vehicles and lock your homes and if you have a video or something please report it to us,” Carpenter said.

Northport investigators arrested 20-year-old Jahdarian Henley after they were able to identify him from home surveillance video. Henley is accused of breaking into three cars on 12th Street. He was charged with unlawful breaking and entering into a vehicle.

Assistant Chief Carpenter says having home security video is a great help in solving these kinds of cases.

“There is a lot of new technology where they can be identified now,” Carpenter said. “And if people do these types of crimes people will report them to us and we will do everything we can to identify those individuals and prosecute those crimes to the fullest extent of the law.”

Northport resident James Middlebrooks is glad police are stepping up efforts to combat burglary crimes.  

“If they are 20-year-olds doing these crimes I think they should be out looking for a job and putting money in their pockets.  And not out breaking into homes and destroying other people’s property,” Middlebrooks said.

Investigators are also looking for another man who was caught on home video looking at a home on 28th Street. Carpenter says after realizing he was on camera, the suspect left the scene. Police believe these are two separate cases and both suspects don’t know each other.


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