Northport mobile home park impacted by flood waters twice in 2021

Local News

NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) – Tuscaloosa County experienced a lot of flooding on Saturday. Water covered several roadways and some homes sustained damage.

Residents at Willowbrook Mobile Home Park are now dealing with flood issues for the second time months a part. In late June, flood waters caused a lot of damage to the peoples homes. JoAnn Carpenter has lived at the park since 1995. She said in her time there, she has never experienced flooding this often.

“I mean, it’s intense flooding,” Carpenter said.

“From what I do, and what I have been doing for the last 14 years, I do believe that we have seen more flooding this summer than we have before,” Northport City Engineer Tera Tubbs said.

Carpenter said she was asleep at the beginning of Saturday’s downpour. She said family members woke her up to let her know there was a chance some major flooding could happen again. Thankfully, she said they didn’t sustain nearly as much damage as before.

“I had a BBQ grill and garbage can. We hadn’t found our garbage can yet from the first time,” Carpenter said.

But she still worries flooding is a major problem for her home and the dangers it presents her family and community.

“You could fall or you know if you fall, you may drown, hurt yourself. I mean, a lot of stuff can happen,” Carpenter said.

“Willowbrook Mobile Home Park is actually part of, it’s in a flood way. And some of it is in a 100 year flood,” Tubbs said.

Tubbs said they have spoken with the park owner about the flooding issues and how they should fix it. She said they’ve also applied for grants, too.

“If we get federal funding that will be something that will include relocation. So, we will actively engage with the residents as well. And we’re working with those who are out there now to let them know what they can do to protect their property,” Tubbs said.

But grant approval and seeing the money from them could take months, and neighbors like Carpenter hope the help comes sooner rather than later.

“Please try and do something. Just do something,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said most people at the park are close and if it wasn’t for neighbors pulling together, then the recovery process would be a lot harder.

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