TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon resigned Monday night during a city council meeting.

The announcement by Herndon was made during a portion of the meeting set aside for him to address citizens.

“I said it when I first got sworn in in 2008 that if I ever felt like I wasn’t doing my job, I would resign,” Herndon said. “Having said that, effective December 31st, I will no longer be mayor of Northport.”

After a brief discussion with the city’s legal counsel, Council President Jeff Hogg introduced a motion to accept Herndon’s resignation. The council voted 3-2 to do so.

Prior to Herndon’s resignation, the council discussed renaming 28th Street to Benevolent Way, in recognition of the citizen’s assistance in helping cities facing natural disasters. Herndon previously petitioned the city council to have the street renamed roughly a year ago.

City attorney Ron Davis said that policy only allows naming a city street after a person or an organization, arguing that “Benevolent Way” would not fit that criterion.

Once motions to vote on the name change Monday night died on the council floor, meaning the decision may not be made until January 2023.

“I appreciate this council […] but I’m sort of hamstrung,” Herndon said, following his resignation. “This is something that was going to really benefit the people that helped [disaster relief efforts] but if I can’t get support on it — on something this simple — then I don’t need to be mayor.”

The full city council meeting can be viewed on Facebook.