NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — A Northport family is homeless after a massive Monday night fire destroyed their home in northern Tuscaloosa County.

Kelly Marino says she and her husband only had a few minutes to get out safely to escape the blaze before the flames engulfed the entire house. They moved into the house on Stone Harbor Drive nearly three years ago.

“I noticed there was some smoke in one of our rooms. It was pretty scary,” Marino said. “I tried to get my cats and I really couldn’t see anything anymore in the house and just had to get out.”

Sadly, the family’s two cats were killed in the fire, but other pets including dogs and a cat survived. Marino says many of her neighbors have been supporting her family during this time, bringing food and clothing to help.

“We are very thankful our neighbors all came out to help,” Marino said. “Everything I am wearing from my shirt to my shoes and socks were given to us by our neighbors. Everyone helped to put us up for the night and some people brought us food and pet food.”

Investigators are not sure what caused the house fire. The Marino family is staying with friends until they can get a new house.