NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — A Northport couple hosts nearly 70 ‘Ride 2 Rosemary’ cyclists on day two of their 500-mile trek from Germantown, Tennessee to Rosemary Beach Florida.

This year marks the 12th annual ‘Ride 2 Rosemary’ event. For their last eight trips, the Kendrick family has hosted the cyclers in Northport for a moment to rest and enjoy

The group tells CBS42 their annual cycle event is hosted to support and raise funds for the fight against cancer.

“People always talk about curing cancer,” said Todd Tillmanns who is an R2R cyclist and Gynecologic Oncologist. “We’re always going to be fighting that and always doing the research and the education and bringing new leaders up to grow that, but the most important part is when individuals are fighting cancer we want to be there at their side.”

Donations received will go to the West Cancer Foundation, but cyclist Todd Tillmanns, says their ultimate goal in this is to enjoy the ride of life while bringing awareness to cancer patients and their struggle. 

“Really learning to love each other and come together as a group,” Tillmanns said. “Lots of diversity. Lots of things coming together to say this is what life’s about and then the cancer message is to be there for them, whatever they need.”

Debbie Kendrick and her husband Laddie host the group for rest each year, providing water and blueberry pie. She says through meeting them you just know they have a heart to serve.

“They’re not doing this, yes, they could be doing anything, and they could be at home riding their bicycles, but they want to do something for somebody else,” Kendrick said. “They want to serve people.”

The cycling group is back on their way with another 400 miles ahead. They plan to reach Rosemary Beach by Wednesday.

To donate, you can visit