New specific businesses not allowed in Pelham through moratorium

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PELHAM, Ala (WIAT) — Some new businesses will have to wait a year before they’re allowed to open in the city of Pelham.

Pelham has put a moratorium on certain types of establishments–and that’s getting mixed reactions

The list of stores affected are pawn shops, vape shows, tobacco stores, tattoo shops, car title loan, pay day loan, and used automobile sales businesses.

“It was shocking at first, why we were being picked out,” said Jeff Hubbard, owner of Revolution Ink in Pelham. 

The moratorium business license is preventing specific new businesses to open in Pelham, so they won’t be granted a license for a year.

The city council president said  they’re not kicking out anyone.

They just want to explore the possibilities for growth in Pelham. Some business owners agree.

“I think we should have some but it should  be limited, so we can allow growth of city by allowing other businesses to come. If there is no spaces left, they won’t be able to come,” said Paige Burnett, owner of Gifted in Pelham.

Jeff Hubbard with Revolution Ink said when he moved just a mile down the street, he ran into a problem with this law.

Eventually it was settled and he moved to his new location, but he said it was frustrating.

“I think these are people who don’t understand how to run a business . They don’t what its like to start a business and start the American dream,” said Hubbard. 

The businesses already in Pelham like Vapes & More and Revolution Ink said they understand 

“I am worried if our business wants to grow and expand like all  business hope to do at some point, we’re going to be limited in the success we can reach because this law is preventing us from putting a new shop down,” said Stephen Navarro, with Vapes & More in Pelham.

“Competition of business is good. If other shops shut down and move out and don’t do well, then new ones can’t come in and we can’t compete. It won’t have a lot of draw to Pelham for that type of business so we may have to move after that,” said Hubbard.

Any business that is already here in Pelham is not being asked to leave. This only prevents a new business from coming in that falls in this category.

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