‘New life defeats death’: Brother of Jasiah Scott welcomes new baby, names him after late 14-year-old

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Jacoby Scott and Micha Jordan pose with their newborn baby. (Courtesy of Jacoby Scott)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Just weeks after his brother’s tragic death, Jacoby Scott is welcoming a new baby into the world, and he has a familiar name: Jasiah.

Jacoby Scott and Micha Jordan are celebrating the birth of their new child, De’Von Broly Jasiah Scott. The baby was born on Oct. 10, a little less than two months since Jacoby’s brother Jasiah died when he was struck by a vehicle while riding a go-cart in his Midfield neighborhood.

Jacoby said Tuesday that his son’s birth was a moment of light in a season of darkness for the Scott family.

“New life defeats death,” he said. “Being able to experience him being brought into the world and being able to carry on the legacy of my little brother and my best friend, it’s a big thing.”

He said that that his son’s birth was also a moment of respite for his mother, Denise Scott.

“Dealing with Jasiah’s loss has been very, very rough on her,” he said. “So when the baby came, she told me, she excitedly told me the other day. She said, ‘I didn’t have a panic attack today,’ so I know she’s very happy about the baby being here.”

Denise Scott has called the day Jasiah met his tragic end “the day my world shattered.” In the time since the accident, she released a video of the moment she found out Jasiah had been struck, saying that she wanted the world to see the tragedy that was forced on her that day.

Now, though, the family is experiencing some relief, if only for a moment. Micha Jordan said she was fully on board with naming her son after Jasiah.

“I was with that 100 percent,” she said. “We agreed on that. We kind of came up with that idea simultaneously. He was a big part of both of our lives. It was an easy decision.”

Jordan, who underwent an emergency c-section, said that the newborn already has quite a personality.

“He’s a good baby,” she said. “He doesn’t really cry. He’s pretty active. He’s already trying to hold his head up and he’s only two days old. He definitely has a personality. He already had one when he was in my belly, so I’m not surprised.”

Jacoby Scott said that when his son is older, he’ll tell him about Jasiah, an uncle he’ll never meet but that will impact his life nonetheless.

“I’m going to tell him that he had a great uncle,” he said. “I wish that he could be here to see you grow up and be great, and I wish he could be here to play with you and talk to you. But he’s watching over him every day: always watching over him and caring for him. I’ll tell him that Jasiah was just too smart for his own good. He was very intelligent, loved computers and loved technology and loved to play outside. So he had a freewheeling spirit. I most definitely expect my son to have the same thing.”

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