BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The owners of the former Carraway Hospital property have announced a new project that will include housing, office space, shops, and entertainment venues on site.

On Wednesday, Corporate Realty announced that the new development will be called “The Star Uptown,” a nod to the blue star that sat atop the former hospital, which operated in the Norwood community from 1916 until it closed its doors in 2008. After years of sitting empty, Corporate Realty bought the 52-acre property in 2020.

“When we began working on this development, the first thing people wanted to know was what we planned to do with the star,” Corporate Realty CEO Robert Simon said in a press release. “That star was one of Birmingham’s most recognizable landmarks, and it meant something to people. We want to honor that past even as we build a new future at this important site.”

According to Corporate Realty, The Star Uptown will feature a mix of housing, offices, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that they hope will spur further investment in northern Birmingham. The new Protective Stadium is located not far from the property.

“This name and this vision are the result of literally years of conversations and meetings with neighborhood groups, city councilors, city staff and many others with an interest in what happens at Carraway,” Simon said in the release. “We all have the common interest in removing this blight and making sure the property is once again a shining star for the surrounding community and for Birmingham overall.”

Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2022.