MOUNTAIN BROOK, Ala. (WIAT) — Mountain Brook Schools has released a statement Tuesday on the circulating images on social media of a teacher allegedly giving the Nazi salute in a classroom at Mountain Brook High School last month.

According to MBS, the school administration was notified of the incident back on Jan. 18 involving a US History lesson on the Bellamy Salute, more commonly referred to as the Nazi salute. The teacher is said to have been instructing the class on how the arm gesture was previously used to salute the American flag before the Nazi Party took over Germany and adopted it. The point of the lesson was to show how symbols change over time, according to MBS.

In the statement from MBS, the school system calls the reports that the teacher was trying to get students to give the Nazi salute “unequivocally false.”

Below is the statement from MBS

The Birmingham Jewish Federation and the Jewish Community Relations Council also released a conjoined statement Tuesday saying they find these types of incidents as “very troubling,” but serve as an opportunity to educate people.

The organizations say they are currently working with MBS on the situation. The school system says they have spoken with the teacher in question as well and said “education has and will continue to be provided.”