MOUNDVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — Some Hale County residents in Moundville are concerned after seeing coyotes this week in their yards at night.

Connie Frye lives on Burke Drive near downtown and is worried coyotes could attack and harm her three pet dogs.

“I have two little yorkies and one double doodle,” Frye said. “They are inside dogs but we have to let them out to go to the bathroom and it concerns us the coyote might come up and grab them.”

Hale County Commissioner Donald Anderson says he has heard some complaints in other parts of the county but he says there have been no reported injuries or pets killed by coyotes.

“It’s very scary and eye-opening and we need to do something and take better precautions,” Anderson said. “It is going to take everybody in the community to make sure we are doing what we need to do to make sure we are aware of what’s going on.”

Frye says she hopes the wild animals can be caught and relocated somewhere so they are not a threat to people in neighborhoods.

“It is not that I want the coyote dead or someone to kill it or anything, but if someone could catch it and put it somewhere in a zoo or a conservative area would be a good solution,” Frye said.

Commissioner Donald Anderson says if residents see coyotes, they should call Moundville Police or the Hale County Sheriff’s Office for help.