Mother’s Day Weekend: staying in or eating out?

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More than half of those celebrating Mother’s Day treat mom to a special outing. For the restaurants, preparing for the busiest dining day of the year is no small task. CBS 42’s Malique Rankin stopped in one of our local eateries. They tell her the prep work began weeks ago.

Satterfield’s is booked full for Mother’s Day, with dozens already on their waiting list. It’s the busiest day of the year for the food and beverage industry– and for Satterfield’s, their revenue spikes 30 percent. When Satterfield’s posted their Mother’s Day opening, in a matter of days, every reservation was booked.

“145 for three hours. And then we have a 45 person waitlist,” says Rita Bernhardt, the executive chef at Satterfield’s.

With such a busy day for dining out, several people I spoke with are staying in.

“Probably going to cook, spend time in the backyard, play with kids,” says Catherine Boyd.

“We’ll be going to Auburn to do breakfast with my mother,” says Nathan Malinick.

Others will be testing their luck, without a reservation.

“We were going to chance it…I don’t know, we’ll see I guess. I didn’t really think about it until now,” says Faucher.

As for the restaurants, they’ve been getting creative. Bernhardt says there was a lot of re-arranging to keep the kitchen running efficiently.

“So we’re cooking an entirely different menu than we normally do, so we have to set up the kitchen in an entirely different way,” says Bernhardt.

On average, people spend 196 bucks on mom.

Whether you’re staying in, our dining out, for all the mom’s out there, happy Mother’s Day!

“Just thank you for always being there,” Catherine Boyd.

“She’s my best friend,” says Lindsey Faucher.

“I’ve been so thankful for my mom,” says MollyAnne Malinick. “I’m the youngest of six so she had full hands, but she also had a full heart.”

If you were hoping to sneak in a last minute reservation, some restaurants–weather permitting– will open up their outdoor areas.

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