Mom continues to fight for safer driving after daughter’s death in 2018

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ALABASTER, Ala. (WIAT) — Saturday marks two years since Thompson High School student Camryn Callaway, also known as Cici, died while texting and driving.

Ever since the accident, Camryn’s mother, Michelle Lunsford, has been an advocate for safer driving and putting the phone down while behind the wheel.

Lunsford is fighting for HB 74, a hands-free bill that would require drivers in Alabama to not have a phone in their hand while driving.

Last year, the bill stalled on the Senate floor, so Lunsford is hoping to avoid that this time around.

“There are times where I’m like I’m just going to be done but I can’t. I can’t be done because it’s too important. I wish someone had done it for us. I wish someone had done it for Camryn. I wish I would have seen another mother on TV saying the same things I am and maybe we would have listened and it would have made a difference,” Lunsford said.

Camryn died on February 22, 2018, while she was driving home from work. Her mom said she was sending a ‘Happy Birthday’ text to a friend when she crashed into a semi.

For the second anniversary, Lunsford said she’ll celebrate her daughter by being with family and continuing to fight for safer roads in Alabama.

“In some ways it feels like a very long time. In some ways no, it seems like forever, everyday. It seems like, she’s not here again so yah, that way but in some ways with talking and trying to get the word out, I’ve been staying busy,” she said.

Lunsford pleas for people to call their senators and ask them to support the bill.


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