ENSLEY, Ala. (WIAT) — Keyshawn Pollack and his school fraternity brothers gather every Saturday at Birmingham’s Ensley Park. 

The members of Nu Kappa Lambda practice here for an upcoming competition.  

Keyshawn Pollock, a Jackson Olin High School Senior, “It keeps kids out of the streets for the community, and we have great leadership and it teaches you a lot as a young man.”

These high school fraternities model the step routines after college national fraternities such as Omegas, Kappas, Alphas and Sigmas. 

They are not tied to them but inspired by them. That’s why they step or stroll. 

What is strolling?
Mykhi Johnson, a Central Park Senior, explained, “It’s a form of smooth stepping, you got to feel it if you don’t feel it you can’t stroll.” 

Historywise they say 11 students at Jackson Olin High School founded Nu Kappa Lamba in 1974. 

Stepping is fun but the main reason they join is the brotherhood. 

Keyshawn Pollock, another member of the fraternity, said, “It’s a bonding experience that you would like to have in your life.” 

Johnson, added, “It’s real important to me because it had a big influence on my life. It just brought me out and made me a lot more confident.” 

Drawing confidence from the community support they get, these high schoolers also learn that stepping mirrors other aspects of life, in that it takes practice to make perfect. 

Anthony Taylor, a Jackson Olin junior, said, “Blood, Sweat, tears, it’s hard. It’s a process.” 

There are 58 members of Nu Kappa Lambda. 

They tell CBS 42 Art Franklin that they are performing this coming Saturday, June 22 at  7 p.m. at Daniel Payne School.