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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Paramedics were called to the office of Mayor William Bell Tuesday morning on reports of an altercation.

The altercation, according to police, was between Mayor Bell and City Councilor Marcus Lundy.

Birmingham City Council released audio from the alleged altercation between Bell and Lundy, which can be viewed below:

The Mayor’s office released a police report that names Bell as the victim and Lundy as the offender, with the listed offense as assault in the 3rd degree. According to the report, Bell was taken to Brookwood Hospital in a private car, while Lundy was taken to UAB Highlands after being treated at the scene by Birmingham Fire and Rescue.

April Odom with the Mayor’s office says a warrant against Lundy for assault has been filed by Bell. According to Odom, no warrant for Bell and no police report has been filed by Lundy yet.

According to Brittany Sharp with Lundy’s office, Lundy suffered injuries to his upper thigh and leg.

Odom says Bell has a sprained knee, will need physical therapy, and sustained crushed vocal cords and contusions.

Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards says Lundy has not filed a report yet, and can turn himself in to the City Jail so court proceedings can begin.

Birmingham City Council issues a release, stating Lundy will address media Wednesday and issue an official statement.

The release says in part:

Councilor Lundy stands by his statement that he was physically attacked today by Mayor Bell, which resulted in him receiving treatment at a local hospital for a deep three-inch abrasion to his left thigh.

Councilor Lundy sincerely appreciates the many prayers and well wishes that he and his family have received from the public during this time.

Council President Johnathan Austin addressed the media in a press conference, saying that the incident was unfortunate, but it was also indicative of the lack of respect and lack of willingness to cooperate with the council on any issue.

“In a city that has so much hope and promise, so much we’ve overcome as a community, that we have the leader of our city, just because one council member doesn’t agree with something, wants to go and assault that member of the council,” said Austin.

Austin said he’s confident that the council can overcome this and strive to do better.

“I’m committed to doing everything we can as a council to do everything we can to move this city forward, despite the senseless foolishness that’s going on,” Austin said.

April Odom with the Mayor’s office released the following statement:

The Mayor is currently recovering at a local area hospital. A formal police report has been initiated and will be ready for release in the next hour. From there, the magistrate will swear out a warrant for the arrest of Councilor Lundy. When approached by Birmingham Police, Councilor Lundy refused to give a statement.

According to a tweet from the city of Birmingham, Bell received a CT scan and MRI.

Councilwoman Kim Rafferty said strong words have been brewing on both sides for quite some time.

“The people who were hurt are the people of the City of Birmingham,” Rafferty said. “Boys need to grow up and be men, and do the job they were elected to do, which is run the business of the city.”

Additionally Rafferty said she is disgusted and there is no excuse for the events that transpired Tuesday morning.

“This is not a game, this is not middle school, this is life,” Rafferty said. “People and the business of this city depend on the action and the leadership of those who are charged to do it.”

The Birmingham City Council issued a press release regarding the altercation:

Today during Birmingham City Council’s regularly scheduled Council Meeting, an altercation between Councilor Marcus Lundy and Mayor William Bell resulted in several injuries to the Councilor. Council President Johnathan Austin addressed the media shortly following the meeting, and released this statement.

“What occurred at City Hall today is a direct reflection of the lack of respect towards the Council and unwillingness to corporate which has been ongoing for some time now,” President Austin said. “We have worked continuously to move this city forward, and it’s a sad day when Council members are attacked while trying to do the job that they were elected to do.”

Councilor Lundy, who will press charges against Mayor Bell, has been transported to a local hospital to be checked for injuries to his thigh and legs. A picture of Councilor Lundy’s injuries can be found by clicking HERE.

More information will be forthcoming, but President Austin says that the public can be reassured the public that the business of the city will continue to move forward.

Regions Bank issued a statement to WIAT 42 on Lundy, who they confirmed is a Regions associate:

Regions is currently looking into the matter and has no further comment at this time.

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