MAX bus service is returning to Fairfield, a release from the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority (BJCTA) announced Wednesday.

Service stopped in Fairfield in July of 2016 due to a past due balance. The release states $450,118.50 of that debt has been paid to date, with a remaining balance of $123,962.44.

“It’s a great blessing for us to work out an agreement with BJCTA,” Fairfield Mayor Ed May II said. “We are excited to have the bus service restored for the elderly residents and students who no longer have to walk to Midfield to get on the bus.”

Once the remaining balance is paid, a date will be set to restore service. 

“We understand how important this service is to the Fairfield community. We are excited to get the buses rolling once again,” BJCTA Executive Director Barbara Murdock said.

The release from the BJCTA says in the future, Jefferson County will collect ad valorem taxes to pay for MAX Transit bus service.