BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Shortly after Mary Rice was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail, she had a visitor, her court-appointed attorney from Alabama, Spencer Davis.

“My first impression was she was scared to death. She was lucky to be alive, very grateful to be alive,” Davis said.

Rice faces capital murder charges in Baldwin County for the murder of Peggy Broz. She was shot and killed in the front yard of her Lillian home, her car stolen.

“She was not a willing participant in anything,” said Davis. “She was there because of threats and abuse from Mr. Boyette. She is as much as a victim in this case as anybody.”

He’s only had the case a week but he is already formulating a defense.

“If someone’s life is threatened and their family’s life is threatened, they might be willing to do things that they wouldn’t otherwise do,” Davis explained.

Davis says once all the information is gathered and the investigation complete, it will show there were actually five victims of Billy Boyette and only one survived.

“I look forward to representing Miss Rice. I think she’s got a good case,” he said.

Davis says there has been a rush to judgment of Rice. Even law enforcement thought at first she was a hostage and later decided she was an accomplice.