Tuscaloosa, Ala.- Are you fascinated with bugs? Are do you have a love-hate relationship with them?

The University of Alabama’s Natural History Museum, in partnership with the Tuscaloosa Public Library, wants to reignite your wonder with bugs in the first “Bama Bug Fest.” It’s a free event taking place Saturday, July 27 at Warner Transportation Museum. Hours are from 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.

“In the last three years we’ve held an event called Moth Fest in association with national Moth Week,” said Dr. John Abbott, director of museum research and collections at UA’s Alabama Museum of Natural History. “So, in trying to promote insects more broadly, we’ve transformed Moth Fest into Bug Fest to take in all sorts of insects and arthropods and share with the public, UA faculty, staff and students just how great bugs are in our lives.

Some of the activities you will be able to take part in at the fest include learning about arthropods, a live insect petting zoo and discover insect soap. There will be roach races every half-hour, and no betting is allowed. The West Alabama Bee Association will also bring live honeybees.

In addition to the bugs, there will also be food trucks.