HURRICANE FIONA: Fiona is now a major hurricane and lifting north through the Western Atlantic now. Fiona will glance by Bermuda as a Category 4 storm before approaching Newfoundland as a Category 2 storm. This won’t have direct impacts on the continental U.S., but will have significant impacts in Bermuda and Canada.

TROPICAL STORM GASTON: Tropical Storm Gaston has formed in the North Atlantic, and will drift northeastward likely impacting the Azores by mid-week, before becoming an extra-tropical system and lifting northwest. Gaston will have no U.S. impacts.

GULF TROPICAL DEVELOPMENT?: A new tropical wave is gathering a lot of interest, and for good reason. Invest 98 L is a tropical wave that will push past the Lesser Antilles and into the Caribbean later this week. Conditions look quite favorable for development, and the National Hurricane Center is giving this wave a high chance of development into a tropical depression or storm over the next 5 days. This system is likely to swing into the Gulf of Mexico next week, but it remains unclear exactly where or what impacts this system will pose across the Gulf Coast. We’re still in the watch and wait phase right now, but we could see Gulf development next week.

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