BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Thousands are enjoying activities this week in Birmingham for the Magic City Classic.

Those activities are bringing big bucks to Birmingham. City officials said this year’s classic will bring between $20 million to 30 million to Birmingham’s economy. This benefits local businesses like Ted’s Restaurant located in downtown Birmingham.

“On Saturdays, we sell brunch, and word got out to all the people, all the visitors, that we are one of the best places to enjoy brunch,” said Tasos Touloupis, owner of Ted’s Restaurant. “So between 8 and 2 in the morning, so we are extremely busy, and we get all people from all sorts of other states around here.”

The event also helps business owners who come to Birmingham from other areas.

Sonya Huntley, owner of BCBD Novelties and Boutique out of Huntsville, has been a vendor at the Magic City Classic for 15 years. She said the classic is a top-grossing event for her business.

“Everybody knows we’re coming here to this spot,” Huntley said.  “They look forward to us coming with great products. We see our shirts everywhere, and it makes us feel great to know that these shirts are long lasting. When we see them, people know they are proud to wear them, and so we come back year after year.”

Birmingham City Councilor Hunter Williams said this year’s classic is on track to be a record-breaking year.

“Based on hotel nights that are reserved ticket sales, we expect to have even a bigger year,” Williams said. “We have thousands of people from all across Alabama and outside of the state that are here spending their tax dollars, spending their money, creating tax revenue in the Magic City.”

Williams said even though this year’s classic is bringing money to the city’s economy, the main goal is that everyone will enjoy themselves and have fun.