TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — From the Crescent city to the Druid city, LSU fans say they are hyped up for Saturday’s football game against the The University of Alabama, after traveling seven hours from New Orleans.

“We had a great trip over,” said LSU fan Richard Miller. “There’s 10 of us that are traveling together and we’re just excited about the game and ready for a LSU win.”

After ditching the option to drive, fans packed up and hopped on the Amtrak train saying it was a ride like no other.

“I wasn’t expecting much on this train ride I just wanted to sleep for a few hours, but I saw a crowd of about 20 LSU fans turning up with music and drinks they welcomed us right in and we had a time for a few hours,” said LSU fan Jason Snyder.

The train ride from the big easy is an bi-annual tradition for LSU alum Mary Bourgeois, as she feels their presence at the game is needed to help the Tigers take home the win.

“I think it’s very important to them. I think they love having the fans’ support,” said Bourgeois. “The base here. It’s a long drive or train ride and they appreciate our coming and supporting them.”

Although it’s a train full of LSU fans, Baton Rouge native turned Bama fan, Camille Denny, felt the need to remind them what Tuscaloosa is all about as she picked up her family from the train station.

“Gotta let them know whose country they’re in you know. They’re in Tuscaloosa not in Baton Rouge anymore you know, they can’t be all happy sunshine rainbows you know. They got off the train with the whole crew, everyone is all happy, they have to come back down to earth you’re in Tuscaloosa. You’re wearing that ugly purple, we have on our crimson, stay on that side.” said Denny.