BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — ‘Twas the night before March Madness, and all through Uptown, the businesses were bustling, preparing for customers all around.

Jokes aside, restaurants, bars and more near the BJCC are already seeing customers trickling in from around the state and around the country, such as places like D.C., Maryland and Texas.

While it can be chaotic at times, they feel excited, especially about the bonus business for Birmingham.

“Business here has been great thus far. We have stocked everything up for March Madness,” said DeCarlus Moss, bartender at Uptown Jazz Lounge.

Uptown Jazz Lounge is one of a number of haunts capitalizing on the crush of customers during the NCAA Tournament. They’re offering special deals and extending happy hour.

Their next-door neighbor K&J’s Elegant Pastries has been preparing for weeks.

“We’ve had to order double what we normally order … We’ve had to schedule people tomorrow that don’t normally get scheduled, move people from our other location here just so we have the manpower to be able to handle the mass amount of people that are gonna be down here,” said Danielle Hamilton, head decorator.

As for Eugene’s Hot Chicken, they say they’re more than ready to match the madness.

For now, they’re maintaining the same hours — unless the crowds converge later than expected.

“If we have the business, we’ll stay open. It’s all up to the people,” said Krishinda Finch, the restaurant’s manager.

She also hopes once they get a true taste of Birmingham, any Magic City naysayers will start signing a different tune.

“A lot of people from out of town, they associate Birmingham with the negative image, and with all the good things that’s coming this way, it’s just gonna open their eyes to let them see that Birmingham might be a place you want to visit,” Finch said.