BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Brandon Holden, also know as “B-Hold Da General,” is taking pain and experiences from his past and turning it into something positive.

There’s no doubt that the amount of gun violence the city of Birmingham has seen just this year alone, speaks to why this young man’s message is so important.

“My cousin got killed in 2013. February 27th, His name is Nate. Nathaniel Williams,” said Holden. “What had happened was he got killed to gun violence, so that’s what really pushed me. I wasn’t really pushing my music until he died.”

Holden is now using his gift to get young people to think twice before picking up a gun.

“This is bad. You’re going to jail or you’re going to get killed. You need to teach these kids that,” said Holden.

Performing at venues around the city has allowed him to spread the message of nonviolence. He is also taking that movement a step further by eliminating cursing from all of his music.

“I have a couple people that say to this day that I’m going to have to curse, but I’m not,” explained Holden.

The up and coming rap artist who also goes by “Mr. No Cussing, Straight Bars,” will be doing an indie tour this year and is currently working on his latest album, “R.E.A.L.: M.E”.