TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) — Following the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Religious Studies and Political Science professor at the University of Alabama Dr. Daniel Levine believes the humanitarian plight of Palestinian refugees is a big issue that needs to be acknowledged in order for the two countries to come to a resolution.

“It is possible to distinguish between the Palestinian people who have very real humanitarian needs and who have suffered a great deal, both at the hands of Israel and at the hands of the other states in the region,” said Dr. Levine. “It is possible that those problems require resolution without authorizing the specific things that Hammas does or is doing now.”

Dr. Levine says Hammas’ attack on Israel will have an effect on not only Israel but also the people of Palestine.

That effect does not look to end any time soon.

“They will also suffer tremendously in Israel’s response to that, and they will not have much choice in whether or not they have to bear their consequences,” said Dr. Levine.

On the other hand, Dr. Levine said it is important to keep in mind what the people of Israel are facing following the attack.

In all, Dr. Levine suggests we keep in mind that this conflict is a harsh reality for many, and thousands of humans are in the midst of it.