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BESSEMER, Ala (WIAT)– Hinkle Pharmacy restocked CBD products on their shelves this week.

At the front counter, you can now find 300mg oil, 600 mg oil, a THC free oil, gels, and saavs.

Tanner Hinkle says they chose to carry Ananda Professional CBD products because the company offers a transparent process- everything from starting with the seeds to creating the final products is done in America and documented.

“It’s controlled by one company, rather than them buying hemp oil,” Hinkle said.

The products also come with the certificates of analysis, so the pharmacy can see exactly what they are getting and selling.

Hinkle notes it’s also safer to purchase from professionals.

“The pharmacy, we have the ability of cross-checking your medications that you’re currently on, make sure nothing interferes with it, and we also have the ability to talk with your doctors- that other places wouldn’t have the software or ability to do.”

All of the CBD products meet the 2018 Farm Bill standard. The oil is made from hemp plants and contains less than .3% of THC.

Hinkle Pharmacy removed CBD from their store for a period of time, because there were still some grey areas when it came to pharmacies carrying the products.

During Alabama’s legislative session, those gray areas were cleared up with the medical marijuana bill and Hinkle brought CBD products back. 

“A lot of people use this as their prime therapy, so people like to buy it from a trusted source rather than buying online, or from gas stations, or wherever.”

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