Local pastors host forum on Christians’ role and responsibility in politics

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — We are just over a week away from election day. As November 3 nears, we take a look at how pastors are encouraging Christians as they make their way to the polls.

The virtual forum hosted eight local pastors and church leaders. Those pastors say your politics shouldn’t influence your religion, but your Christianity should influence your politics.

“God is not republican. God is not a democrat,” said Dr. Thomas Beavers, the pastor at New Rising Star Church. “God is the kingdom. No side, neither blue nor red, represents the total kingdom of God.”

Pastor Beavers said they wanted the panel to represent their congregations. The pastors that participated were a blend of young, old, black, and white leaders.

“One of the things the scriptures teach is that in the cross of Jesus that he has torn down dividing walls of hostility,” said Joel Busby, a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church.

These pastors said, with the deep division this country is facing, it’s a Christian’s job to mend and heal, even if you don’t agree with the differences we face.

“If God is God, and we can look at the presence that is set in scripture, God can be present in every environment and in any environment,” said Rev. Thomas Wilder, a pastor at Bethel Baptist Church.

While politics and religion can be controversial topics, the recommendation from these pastors is: if you’re going to follow an agenda, let it be God’s.

“Let’s keep our eyes on what the kingdom of God says, and stay there,” said Tommy Brigham; ARC Realty. “Regardless of who wins this election.”

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