BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — With midterms just days away, candidates in various local races are sneaking in some last-minute campaigning.

Jefferson County sheriff candidates, Mark Pettway and Jared Hudson, seek victory ahead of election day.

Both tell CBS42 their campaigns are working to push people to the polls for those votes on Tuesday. Hudson, the republican candidate, looks to lower crime.

“I want to go in and I want to target criminals, target crime, irradicate criminals and crime from the community and then help the community build safeguards so crime doesn’t infiltrate again,” Hudson said.

Sheriff Pettway, the democratic incumbent, wants another four years to finish what he’s started.

“The numbers are trending in the right direction,” Sheriff Pettway said. “We’re making sure that everybody is safe. Safety is my top priority. So, we’re doing everything we said that we were going to do.”

Both candidates say they are campaigning to the finish line, even hosting rallies this weekend. However, CBS42 political analyst, Steve Flowers, says at this point, campaigning is ineffective.

“It’s not about people in the general election,” Flowers said. “People are voting party next Tuesday and they’re either going to vote republican or they’re going to vote democrat. And when it’s all over, said and done they won’t know whether Pettway campaigned, or whether he’s their sheriff. They won’t know whether Hudson campaigned or whether he’s their sheriff. More than likely Pettway will be re-elected. This is a democratic county.” 

Flowers says this is a republican year nationwide and if the red tide does indeed hit Jefferson County, this sheriff’s race could get interesting. It simply comes down to voter turnout.