Birmingham, Ala. (WIAT) — In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Michelle introduces us to Jennifer Snyder. Synder is a mom of two and new business owner. Recently, she was chosen for the “New Year, New You” challenge at Meta Fitness Studio in Mountain Brook.

“I am so busy from morning to night,” said Snyder. “So if I can make that dedication and turn things around and get into better shape within six months, then anybody can do it.”

Meta Fitness Studio co-owner and trainer Matt Crane started the program seven years ago. He understands the transformative power fitness can have.

“As a child, I was overweight,” said Crane. “I knew what that felt like and how difficult that was when I was growing up.” 

Today, he’s found a way to give back and fight childhood obesity in Central Alabama. The “New Year, New You” program is all about giving back. The money raised at Synder’s reveal party in July will go to “The Shine Clinic” of Children’s of Alabama. 

“What is amazing about The Shine Clinic is that it’s totally comprehensive,” said Crane. “So they really take on a full, full-on, well-rounded approach.”

To follow Snyder’s fitness journey, you can see her progress on her Instagram account @jenniferjlo5553.