Birmingham, Ala (WIAT) — Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years. In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Michelle dives into why the ancient medicine practice has lasted the test of time.
Anthos Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic owner Foti Sardelis uses acupuncture to relieve stress and mitigate pain for many clients. The list of benefits goes on. 
“Allowing for your body to absorb nutrients better, it reduces blood sugar and blood pressure and helps with sleep,” said Sardelis. “Accelerating the healing process and optimizing the body’s functions.”
United States Air Force veteran Holly Smith was overseas when her arthritis and firomyalgia started flaring up.

“It was staring to get worse and docs like to push pills,” said Smith. “And they were causing a lot of issues with stomach problems, so I was looking for alternative methods.”


That’s when her doctors recommended trying acupuncture. Today, she’s been using it as her preferred treatment for about 30 years.


“Acupuncture keeps me from a normal four pain level, which really is pretty high,” said Smith. “[Now] down to a one or below. And so I don’t really notice the pain.”


She’s not the only person to find relief from this type of traditional Eastern Medicine. She witnesses more and more service members discover the benefits, too. 

“The pain management clinic at Tripler Army medical center in Hawaii has a huge acupuncture center in there,” said Smith. “They treat wounded warriors and stuff, cause acupuncture is really moving up to the forefront of military medicine.”
WATCH to see the acupuncture performed.