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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Cooking with herbs is a way to add natural flavor and nutritional value to the diet. Whether you have a full-scale garden or well-lit windowsill, herbs can be grown at home. In this week’s Living Well with Michelle, Michelle met with Leaf & Petal horticulturist Philip Coe to talk about the best way to cultivate these edible gardens. 

“It’s one thing to know about the plants and then it’s another to actually take care of them,” said Coe. “It’s cool seeing them develop from what they were into something that’s, I mean, edible.”

In the intense Alabama heat, it’s important to frequently tend to herb gardens. 

“Keep it watered extremely well,” said Coe. “That’s kind of what pushes them over, when you forget to water, they dry out. You just want to keep it really, really well-watered, especially this time of year.”

Some herbs can grow side-by-side with other herbs in a pot, while others are best planted alone. 

“Things like tarragon, chives, oregano, dill,” said Coe. “You can plant all those together in a pot and those would be alright together.”

He recommends planting plants like mint or basil by themselves.

“They’re the fastest growing of the herbs,” said Coe. “They just take over. They’re invasive.” 

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