Leeds city leaders hoping to see travel store Buc-ee’s break ground this year

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City officials in Leeds are hoping to see the travel store giant Buc-ee’s break ground in the city this year. 

Mayor David Miller says the Texas-based store has already closed on the $9 million property near the 1-20 exit 140 close to the Outlet Mall. Miller tells CBS 42 he’s been trying to nail down an exact timeline for the project. 


CBS 42 reached out to Buc-ee’s corporate office on Friday to find out when the construction is scheduled to begin. They told us there are “no definitive plans” for Leeds and could not provide any further information. 

Mayor Miller says the store, once built, would include more than 100 gas pumps providing 18 million gallons of gas in just its first year in business. He also says the business could bring more than 200 jobs to the city and boost the city’s revenue. 

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