Lake View council meeting boils over with frustrations; impeachment

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LAKE VIEW, Ala. (WIAT) — It’s the first time we’re seeing Lake View Mayor Paul Calhoun in a council meeting after his councilors filed a petition for impeachment against him. In the nearly 4-hour meeting, the boiling point came to the final minutes. 

Throughout the meeting, the topic of impeachment was mostly ignored. Councilors took turned defeating each other’s motions with strained kindness.

Once the meeting opened up for public input, multiple Lake View residents aired their frustrations with the council’s inadequacies on the job. Residents complained that it had been nearly two months since the last meeting, that the sewer rates were out of control, and that the divide between councilors was unnecessarily clear. A real estate agent that lives in Lake View said he often tells clients not to buy in the area because of the corruption within the town.

The mayor requested interviews be put off until the council meeting had concluded. After the meeting, CBS 42 spoke with Nancy Ray, one of the signers of the impeachment petition. When asked how the community will feel in the time following a possible impeachment, she said, “I’m sure they’ll be upset because the general public doesn’t have the same information that councilors have.”

This comment upset town councilor Janet Smith, who promptly removed her coat and chased Ray into the parking lot. “Why don’t you go back and look at ethics,” shouted Smith.

Once Calhoun was able to interview, he denied all allegations. “I’ve been advised by counsel not to comment, specifically. An impeachment proceeding is very similar to criminal proceedings. For that reason, I simply can’t comment,” said Calhoun.

The mayor is also facing two Alabama ethics violations currently under review by the attorney general. The next lake view town hall meeting is January 9th.

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