KIMBERLY, Ala. (WIAT) — The City of Kimberly held a city council meeting Monday evening. Although they did not address their decision against renewing their contract with the City of Warriors EMS service, they did invite the public to attend and comment.

The City of Kimberly’s contract with the Warrior Fire Department ended on Aug. 15, meaning Kimberly will no longer use Warriors EMS services after years of residents utilizing them. Instead, they will use the Regional Paramedics Service.

According to the mayor of Kimberly, this decision was made based on the cost of renewing their contract with the department which they believe did not add up.

Some residents have expressed concern with the city’s decision, as they feel Warriors EMS services are closer and more convenient in a time of need than RPS.

“Warriors got the facilities and the means to do it and I hate that money is going to get in the way and possibly could cost somebody a life,” said Jeremy Baker, a Kimberly resident.

Kimberly Councilwoman and Mayor Pro-Tem Tanya Cowart said this was a thorough decision.

“The mayor, myself, Chief Wood, we are all really paying attention with RPS because this was such a hot topic. We’re checking in at least once to twice a week. What has the wait time been?
How many calls have there been? Checking in with Morris doing the same thing cause we want to stay on top of it,” Cowart said.

Kimberly Fire Chief Brendt Moon said if residents have questions and concerns regarding the response times from the new EMS service, his department is more than willing to
answer questions and ease those concerns.

CBS 42 reached out to Warriors Fire Department and Mayor of Warrior Johnny Ragland but did not receive a response by the time of this article’s publication.