‘Kick COVID’ campaign gets underway at Samford University

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Although COVID cases and hospitalizations are on the decline, that doesn’t mean health professionals are easing up on getting more Alabamians vaccinated. The Alabama Department of Public Health’s new “Kick COVID” campaign went underway this weekend at Samford University.

Thousands of fans made their way out to the football game at Samford University Saturday afternoon. But before students and fans took their seats, they had the opportunity to roll up their sleeve and get vaccinated.

The “Kick COVID” campaign is teaming up with all 15 college football programs in the state to get people vaccinated.

“I thought it would be a good idea to get my shot. So just in case I get COVID, that the symptoms wouldn’t be as bad and I wouldn’t get as sick or be out as long,” said Elizabeth Flood, a freshmen student at Samford University.

Flood says having a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on campus is convenient for students to get the shot.

“I feel good, I’m glad that it’s on-campus, it’s easy to do because if not, I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to doing it,” said Flood.

“We have encouraged vaccinations among employees and our staff and our students from the beginning because we believe the science supports it. I just got my booster,” said Randy Pittman, the Vice President at Samford University.

The “Kick COVID” campaign is a partnership between the ADPH, Bruno Event Team and the Federal Government.

“The wonderful people that have put this together and the Bruno Event Team are providing gift cards to our campus bookstore $75 for a shot that I wanted anyway so it’s perfect,” said Pittman.

Pittman says he hopes more people on campus take the initiative to get vaccinated so that they are able to have a healthy and safe school year.

“We’re delighted that we are able to do all this in person and were delighted we can have a day like this its been a long time so this is an exciting time for Samford,” said Pittman.

“I hope all of our classes stay in person and that we can still do all the football games and events like normal,” said Flood.

The “Kick COVID” campaign will be back at Samford University on October 16 for students and fans to get their first, second or booster shot.

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