Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes of ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ coming to Birmingham Tuesday

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Actors Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes perform in the movie “Jay and Silent Bob Strike It Back.” (Photo by Courtesy of Dimension Films/ Miramax Films/Getty Images)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Snootchie Bootchies, little nootchies!

Director Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, who played the popular duo “Jay and Silent Bob” in a number of Smith’s movies, will be coming to the Lyric Theatre Tuesday as part of a national tour to promote their new film, “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.”

Smith and Mewes grew up together in Highlands, New Jersey. While developing his first film, “Clerks,” in 1994, Smith decided to put Mewes in the movie as Jay, a foul-mouthed drug dealer who hangs out at the local convenience store, while Smith played “Silent Bob,” another drug dealer who was always by Jay’s die and would say nothing.

The characters of “Jay and Silent Bob” made their debut in Smith’s first film, “Clerks” and went on to make appearances in several of Smith’s other movies, such as “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Again,” “Clerks II” and a couple of TV projects where the characters were made into cartoons.

For several months, Smith and Mewes have promoted “Jay and Silent Bob Reboot” by taking it to different theaters across the country and then talking with the audience.

Smith and Mewes will hold the Birmingham premiere of the movie starting at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Lyric. Tickets can be purchased at


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