ATLANTA, Ga. (WIAT) — Kerry Goode, a former Alabama football player who suffers from ALS, got his wish Saturday when Major League Baseball saw his story.

Goode maintained a positive outlook on life, even after he was diagnosed with ALS. His friends say that he has made a strong impact on everyone he’s come in contact with.

“We love him, he’s such an inspiration and I want him to have all his wishes come true,” said Katrina Vince. “He’s gone through so much and been such a warrior.”

When Goode said that it was a lifelong dream to see the Braves in the World Series, his friends and family sprung into action by spreading his story and setting up a GoFundMe. The story spread so far that it caught the attention of the MLB themselves, and being a supporter in the fight against ALS, they granted his wish.

“It’s been many decades that we have stood behind it and this story, when it came to us, we knew we had to step in and work with the Atlanta Braves to make sure that Kerry’s wish came true,” said April Brown. “We wanted to make sure he didn’t just attend the game, but he had an experience that was comfortable for him, an experience he will remember with his loved ones for many years to come.”

For Kerry Goode, the blessings keep on coming. Many people contributed to his foundation and wanted to see him attend the game.

“Man, thank you is not enough. I don’t think my vocabulary is big enough to say truly what I need to say to everyone,” said Goode. “My son is graduating from law school in Denver and financially, I wasn’t going to be able to go, but with the donations and everything, I have booked flights, hotel, handicapped van rental, and I’m able to go see him graduate law school so there were two blessings that came out of this.”