NORTHPORT, Ala. (WIAT) — A Northport small business was facing a lawsuit from the Kentuck Art Center for using its trademark name. The suit has been dropped after owner Cathy Logan changed her store from Kentuck Nutrition to Kentu Nutrition.

“I am not necessarily upset,” Logan said. “I am just disappointed. What I do every day is what I love, and it’s my passion. To get hit across the head with a lawsuit or whatever they think it was, it just baffles me”.

Logan opened her store in 2022. She serves tea drinks and healthy smoothie shakes and healthy snacks to her customers. She said she is glad the suit was dismissed, but Logan feels she did nothing wrong using the word Kentuck as a part of her store’s name. She feels she was not treated fairly.

“Because I am a black business owner, and I am trying to be successful and do what I do,” Logan said. “And then they come after a small business owner, trying to make her way and make life better for me and my family, and you target me. Doesn’t make sense.”

CBS 42 reached out to Amy Echols, director of Kentuck Art Center, but Echols did not want to make any comments on camera. Yet, she did provide a statement.

“We are glad they moved their business forward with a new name, and we were relieved to drop the lawsuit,” the statement read. “Otherwise, not defending our trademark would cause it to no longer be valid. We wish KENTU much success.”