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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — In a WIAT exclusive, Cliff Sims of Yellowhammer News, the man who acquired the Governor Bentley audio tapes, joined Sherri Jackson in the studio for an interview.

Sims reiterated his statement that the recordings came from a source close to the Bentley family, and told WIAT that there were more recordings. At this time, the other recordings from Governor Bentley have not been made public, and Yellowhammer News has not published their plans for them.Hear the alleged audio recordings of Governor Robert Bentley speaking with Rebekah Mason below:

If the video is not visible above you can watch it here.

Yellowhammer News has been critical of the media coverage surrounding the rumors of Bentley’s infidelity before they released the recordings, Sims stated.

“We felt that it was very tabloid-esque, in the sense that there was not a lot of proof and there was a lot of he-said she-said. So we wanted to wait until we had rock-solid proof,” Sims said. “We finally got that today and that’s when the audio recordings came out.”

Sims claims that the recordings were made by Governor Bentley’s ex-wife herself, as she started to suspect an affair.

“[Bentley’s ex-wife] decided she was going to go out for a walk on the beach, leave her phone behind, hit record and just see what happened,” Sims said. “During that time period when she was out of the house, the Governor picked up the phone, called somebody he keeps calling Rebekah on the phone and the conversation that you hear on the recordings ensued.”

The Yellowhammer News journalist made it clear that he believes that this episode casts doubt on the future of one of Alabama politics’ highest offices.

“Really hits to the core of the question of ‘Do we trust our leaders in office?’ This is a remarkable story, and it’s going to be interesting to see where it goes from here,” Sims said. “I think there’s some questions alluded to by Spencer Collier today about state resources being used, and then you get into resignation territory.”

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