BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Joran van der Sloot arrived in Birmingham Tuesday afternoon to face charges of fraud and extortion in connection to Natalie Holloway’s disappearance.

Van der Sloots’ day began early Thursday morning as he was escorted out of a prison in Peru to begin the trek to America. He was then loaded onto a U.S. government jet and made the approximately 6-hour flight to Birmingham. 

The first sight of van der Sloot was as he walked down the steps of the jet in jeans and a t-shirt and was loaded into a caravan of waiting SUVs.

A statement released by Nicole Navas Oxman from the U.S. Department of Justice, reads, “I can confirm Joran van der Sloot has been temporarily surrendered to the United States pursuant to the Extradition Treaty Between the United States of America and the Republic of Peru.”

This is the only comment the U.S. Department of Justice has released. 

After leaving the airport, the caravan made their way to the Hoover City Jail, where Van der Sloot was driven past the gate into a holding area and out of sight. 

On Friday at 11 a.m. in the Hugo L. Black Courthouse, van der Sloot is set for his initial court appearance and will begin what has been a long journey to justice in Alabama.

As van der Sloot spends his first night in Alabama, Natalee Holloway’s mother Beth released the following statement that reads in part:

“Today, as Joran van der Sloot’s extradition to the United States is finally realized, I am overcome with mixed emotions. As a mother who has tirelessly pursued justice for the abduction and murder of my precious daughter, I stand before you today with a heart both heavy with sorrow and yet lifted by a glimmer of hope.”

CBS 42 has obtained the following court record document containing information on van der Sloot’s indictment, which can be read below: