Jefferson County investigators seek new clues in cold case

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BESSEMER, Ala. (WIAT) — Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigators are still searching for the person that killed Lesley Woodman on November 10, 2014.

““I stood in the kitchen with her, and I had this feeling that I just needed to hug her,” said Whitney Burr, Woodman’s daughter. “I grabbed her and I hugged her for like five minutes or longer. And then not long after that she was gone.”

On the day of Lesley Woodman’s murder, Burr was planning a party for her son’s first birthday, so she called her mom.

“I called her phone. It kept going straight to voicemail. And that wasn’t my mom, you know? Her phone was always on. So I started getting this really bad feeling. And so I started calling her boyfriend and he wasn’t answering,” explained Burr.

So she went by her mother’s house to make sure everything was okay. She said when she arrived, nothing seemed out of place. She made her way to her mom’s room.

“The door was kind of cracked. I could just see her legs, you know? And I continued to walk in. I pushed the door slowly,” said Burr.

That’s when she saw her mother, lifeless on the bed.

“I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t move. I just hit the floor. I was paralyzed,” said Burr.

Sgt. Wayne Curry, a criminal investigator at the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is working the case.

“Shot in the comforts of her own bed, in the comforts of her own home. Devastating loss,” said Curry.

For Curry, this case has taken on special meaning.

“There’s not a day goes by that I’m at work — because I have a picture of Lesley on my desk — that I don’t think about it,” said Curry.

He also keeps a photo of Woodman in the suspect interview room with the hope that someone might recognize her.

“It might jog their memory on something that they saw or heard,” Curry explained.

He said they’ve interviewed around 100 people and conducted searches across multiple counties on land and in surrounding lakes, but so far, no suspects.

“It’s a straight who-done-it,” said Curry. “We have no idea.”

However, another home was burglarized on the same day close to where Lesley Woodman’s body was found.

“We know that there were items missing from the house. We know there was another burglary the same day that was discovered where items were stolen from that house,” said Curry.

Items stolen include a gun. Detective Curry said he believes the burglary and the murder are connected.

“We haven’t ruled out anything. We haven’t ruled out any reason because we just don’t know,” said Curry.

“I want to know why,” said Burr. “For what reason did they take my mother?”

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