JASPER, Ala. (WIAT) — As new medical cannabis licenses are being distributed in Alabama, one of the companies, based out of Walker County, shared their experience and enthusiasm in being awarded a license.

For the first time, medical cannabis will be grown, processed and distributed in the state of Alabama. After a long application process, Jasper Development Group (JDG) is thrilled to be one of those companies selected.

JDG is a newly licensed medical cannabis processor. JDG is one of four companies awarded a processor license in the state. At their facility in Jasper, they will convert raw cannabis into state approved products like topicals, soft gel capsules, balms and edibles. Those products will then be sent to distributors throughout the state.

“Pretty much we’re the middleman between the cultivators and the dispensaries,” Tyler Robinson, CEO Jasper Development Group, said. “Once we get the product, we make the final product that will be seen in the dispensaries that the patients will be able to get their hands on.”

Industry leaders estimate this will bring in over $500 million in revenue over the first three years. Robinson said this is a huge win for the state and the city of Jasper.

“It’s about the patients,” Robinson said. “Giving these patients what they truly need and that’s what our mindset, what our goal is going to be. We truly want to see the patients benefit from this; We want to see the community benefit from us … We really want to see this blossom into something really big.”

These products can be used to treat certain conditions approved by the state, which currently includes cancer patients, post-traumatic stress disorder patients and terminal illness patients.

Robinson said medical cannabis will help give patients options, reduce reliance on opioids and provide safe access to products needed to treat pain management.

For now, Robinson is waiting on cultivators to bring in the first shipment of raw cannabis. He said he’s humbled and excited to take this next step and start sending out products to dispensaries.